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Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps to avoid faults as far as possible. We have over 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining our own laboratory (automation) equipment, along with third-party equipment. We work with the customer to determine the important aspects of the machine and to set up a maintenance programme. This means the maintenance is always machine-specific, which leads to the best results.


You can also contact us in the event that a fault does occur. We advise you to take out a service contract with us in order to avoid downtime in your laboratory as far as possible. This offers you the reassurance that we will be on hand at an agreed time to resolve the fault, and that we also have important spare parts for your equipment in stock.

Are you looking for a partner to assist you with technical matters? AAA Lab Service is here to help. You can contact AAA Lab Service for assistance with:

Preventive maintenance


Products with out-of-stock parts (own engineering works)

Providing replacement parts with adjustments if required

BD Kiestra maintenance equipment

Alongside maintenance of our own equipment, we also carry out maintenance to BD Kiestra food safety and water equipment. To do so, we are given training by BD Kiestra. We can carry out maintenance for the following BD Kiestra equipment:

We can carry out maintenance for the following BD Kiestra equipment:

  • AvantA
  • AgarrA
  • BarcodA
  • CatenA
  • DividerA
  • MaxagA Compact/Industrial
  • SequentA
  • TriagA
  • SorterA
  • SynergA

Manufacturing out-of stock-parts

If one of your machine parts is out of stock, we can generally manufacture this part ourselves in our engineering works. We can also carry out any adjustments to parts for your machine. We always have material in stock and boast a high-tech engineering works including a CNC cutter and turning lathe to manufacture any parts.

If a driver component is no longer available, we can find a sample to replace it and carry out electronic or software-related adjustments if required. This helps to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business.


Customised solutions

Because AAA Lab Service is a sister company of AAA Lab Equipment, you can also contact us for customised solutions. If you have an issue and are looking for a solution, automation or otherwise, we would be delighted to assist. We can offer you a total package from the initial discussion all the way up to supply and maintenance, in which you hold the reins while we take care of implementation.  

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