Multitimer ‘Berta’

With the aid of the multitimer you can determine, simply and error-free, the resting period of a first dilution, thus eliminating the need for separate timers in your laboratory.

Working method
The multtimer rotates very slowly; 270 degrees in ten minutes. After the sample bag has been hung up in the starting position, you wait until the sample bag is in the sample extraction position. This takes ten minutes. You can then extract the first sample through an incision in the sample bag while it hangs on the stainless steel cylinder. After that, you remove the bag and place the clip in the centre of the cylinder. The capacity of the cylinder is approximately twenty bags over 270 degrees; consequently a hang-up position becomes free every 30 seconds.

Features of this product

  • Determines the resting period of a first dilution simply and error-free.
  • Separate timers no longer necessary
  • Capacity: 20 bags over 270 degrees