Laboratory automation

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Our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) colony counter “Iris”

In our brand new “Iris AI Studio” Peter Krul can give you a full demonstration. The entire machine is visible in all its glory using Microsoft teams, Covid-proof. I would like to invite you and your colleagues to experience this new artificial intelligence revolution.

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Why AAA Lab Equipment?

Our specialties

Food- & water laboratories

Do you want your lab to perform more efficiently with a consistent level of quality and high reproducibility? Then you have come to the right place! Take a quick look at what we can do for your lab.

Horticultural laboratories

In collaboration with our partners from the horticultural industry, we have developed a range of things to simplify quality control processes, plus enhance and improve products in your horticultural lab.

Products & custom design

‘Laboratory solutions at an industrial level’: that is what we stand for. Our products have been developed based on demand from the field and are practical, sturdy, efficient and cost-saving.

We are always on the lookout for good ideas!

Do you encounter practical issues for which there is no solution? We are happy to work together with you!

You can come to us for the entire process, from a 3D design to a complete product. With our wide experience in laboratory techniques, we can also offer you that extra something by working with you to arrive at a suitable solution.

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Lab automation by AAA Lab Equipment

AAA Lab Equipment designs, develops and manufactures reliable high-quality laboratory equipment.

In recent years, we have developed several high-speed machines in consultation with customers at home and abroad in food safety. Our systems are linked to LIMS and guarantee high efficiency and error reduction.

Maak kennis met onze manier van laboratorium automatisering en zie wat het voor uw laboratorium kan betekenen. U wilt toch ook efficiënter werken en kosten besparen?

Manual vs. automation AAA

Are you still working manually in your laboratory and do you wonder what automation can do for you?  

The video is without sound!

The 9 biggest advantages of automation!

Quest for qualified analysts in laboratories.

We currently see labs looking for analysts, partly due to the fact that the Covid pandemic is pulling analysts to the medical laboratories. But this is only partly the reason because there is a structural shortage of analysts. Covid laboratoria trekt. 

Automation of specific repetitive tasks within the laboratory is often possible at reasonable prices, meaning that qualified personnel can be deployed for other tasks. repetitieve  

Automation for the sake of automation is not the right way, may sound strange coming from me, but it is one of my standard comments to customers. 

Automate where the largest benefit can be achieved, it can be very small (Nicky, Sylvia, Amanda, etc.) or very large (Kitty, Rosie or otherwise). Pipette- and dilutestation 'Amanda', .) of juist heel groot (Kitty, Rosie of ). 

benefit comes in many forms: 

  • Prevention of staff shortages. 
  • Avoid repetitive, boring work 
  • Preventing RSI complaints. 
  • Savings on materials used. 
  • Challenge for your staff 
  • Share your progressiveness 
  • Betere traceability, alles gelogd. 
  • Profit, not a dirty word? 
  • Automation is also just "fun" !! automatiseren ook gewoon “leuk”!! 

At AAA lab equipment we are happy to help you making an inventory of your ideas and help you on the path of automation, or not to automate if that is not smart or risky in your situation. 

A lot of knowledge and experience can also be shared via a video app in corona time.  

“Automation is not a goal but a tool”