Horticultural laboratories

In collaboration with our partners from the horticultural industry, we have developed a range of things to simplify quality control processes, plus enhance and improve products in your horticultural lab.

Are you looking for something specific? Please get in touch. We develop and manufacture equipment from A to Z in-house!

Advantages of our horticultural lab systems:

  • Save time (sometimes up to 85%!)
  • Ergonomic improvements
  • Growth options with the same number of FTEs


Sand mixing system

Do you still make your sand mixture by hand?
Our sand mixing system not only makes the process easier and quicker, it is also significantly more ergonomic for your employees.

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Sample crusher

Does pounding and crushing seeds, leaves and stems in your
laboratory also takes up a lot of time? With our sample crusher you are going to
save a lot of time!

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Seed distributor

It is possible to simply and quickly pack the right number of seeds and distribute them with our seed distributor.

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Nematoden extractiekame

The method takes advantage of the mobility and sedimentation rate of nematodes. When (infected) soil/plant material (samples) is in water, the nematodes crawl out of the material into the water and settle.

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