2D barcode scanner

The 2D barcode scanner has been specially produced to read a 2D barcode which is printed directly on the side of the Petri-dish without a label. This printing method is used in plating machine 'Kitty' and is the new method for encoding Petri-dishes. Kitty plating machine .

The advantages of 2D encoding

  • In the long run 2D encoding will replace linear barcodes
  • Scans all types of barcodes
  • Linked to your own information system
  • A 2D barcode contains more information on a smaller surface and can be read from different angles
  • In a linear barcode, the data is only shown once in the barcode; with a 2D barcode it is shown three times
  • When slight damage occurs, there is a much greater chance that a 2D barcode can be read than a linear code

Working method

Reading a 2D code which is directly printed on the smooth-as ice, crystal-clear Petri-dish requires a different approach than when this 2D code is printed on a white background. The 2D barcode scanner is fitted with the newest imager and can, as a result, scan all types of 2D barcodes and load this information into your system.