Amanda Dilute & Pipette Machine

Diluting and pipetting with one device? It is possible with our pipette- and dilutestation ‘Amanda’.

Advantages ‘Amanda’

  • Pipetting and diluting with 1 device
  • Very precise
  • Suitable for straws and pipette tips
  • Fast daily start up
  • Autoclavable hose set
  • Easy to use
  • Robust and easy to clean


The ‘Amanda’ system is completely freely programmable. Simply program the volumes you want to work with and get started.

The system can work with four recipes that you can set yourself. Four volumes can be set in each recipe that can be used freely during work.


Between pipetting you can easily make a 1 in 10 dilution without having to go to another program.

You no longer need test tubes with diluting fluid and vortexing is also unnecessary. The dilution fluid is connected to the hand device. This saves a lot of time!

New system

Unique to this machine is the use of hose pumps (developed and manufactured in-house) in combination with an autoclavable hose set instead of disposable injection syringes. The great advantage of this system is that pollution and waste material is largely minimized. In combination with a guaranteed high precision, this makes the Amanda a 'must have' in every laboratory.


Are you curious? We are happy to give a demonstration without obligation. Make an appointment via the Contact form or call us on 0031-713310085.