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Friesland Campina

At the end of 2012 we supplied a prototype of the colony counter Irina to our valued customer Friesland Campina. The machine was primarily used to only document photos as proof of the petri dish to be counted and the quality of the sample. Nowadays, counting and validation is also performed by the Irina colony counter.


SGS Nederland

In 2007 we designed a plating machine - Kitty - for SGS Netherlands in Spijkenisse to replace the old machine dating from 1993. The empty petri dish capacity and production per hour was greatly enhanced by this machine, which the client was extremely pleased about.

ILS Engeland

In a very short time we had to build three plating machines and develop an automated spreading plate machine for ILS. The project was successful, all machines are UKAS accredited and running at full capacity. An article (in English) published by ILS can be read here.


At the end of 2013 we delivered an Irina colony counter to Qlip. The machine replaces the company's existing automated system which did not have all of the required functions for counting and documentation.


We supplied a Droplette to Microcare in 2011 and a second one in 2012. This laboratory appliance is able to pipette samples very accurately.


SGS Portugal

In 2010 we installed a Kitty plating machine at SGS Portugal. The machine (in component form) had to fit through a door which is 90cm wide. For this special order we reduced the Kitty in size and this format became our new standard size. The machine is running perfectly for

Eurofins foodtesting

MQD Güstrow

Premier Foods UK