Custom work

‘Laboratory solutions at an industrial level’: that is what we stand for. Our products have been developed based on demand from the field and are practical, sturdy, efficient and cost-saving.’, dat is waar wij voor staan. Onze producten zijn ontwikkeld vanuit een vraag uit het werkveld; praktisch, robuust, efficiënt en kostenbesparend.


Custom laboratory equipment

Is there nothing on the market that exactly meets your needs? Next to our standard products we also develop custom machines that eliminate human error as far as possible and automate the routine aspects of laboratory work. With around twenty years of experience in laboratory technology, AAA Lab Equipment specialises in product development for the entire food safety chain. 

Our working method

After discussing and analysing the concept, we translate your automation requirements into a three-dimensional model. Working together, we arrive at a definitive design which we then manufacture with our expert and committed team in our own workshop.


Meer informatie

Wilt u meer informatie over één van onze producten of een maatwerkproduct? Bel ons vrijblijvend op +(31) 071 3310085 of vul het contactformulier in, dan nemen wij zo snel mogelijk contact met u op.

Automated systems

AI Powered Colony Counter “IRIS”

Iris is a newly developed automatic colony counter that uses artificial intelligence (deep neural network technology) to quickly count colonies grown in Petri dishes of different sizes.

Automatic pouring & plating/inoculating machine 'Kitty'

Just one laboratory technician can process more than 360 petri dishes an hour!

Automated spread plate/inoculating machine 'Rosie'

Do you process many spread plates per day? Automate the process in your laboratory with our automated spread plate machine 'Rosie'.

Automated colony counter 'Irina'

Still counting colonies by hand? Process more than 540 petri dishes fully automatically in 90 minutes with our 'Irina' automatic colony counter.

Dilution/pipetting systems

Pipetting station ‘Nicky’

Pipette without having to change a setting (0.1 and 1 ml) with our 'Nicky' pipetting station.

Dilution and pipetting system 'Amanda'

Pipetting and dilution with one machine? It's possible with our 'Amanda'!

Laboratory accessories


Petri-dish holder

Maintain an overview in your laboratory with our coloured petri dish holders.


Schott bottle connector

Change fast and easy your SCHOTT bottles. Ideal for use on a Dilumat/Gravimetric diluter.


Vacuum block

Make working with a water test set-up easier!

2D barcode scanner

Scan 2D barcodes that have been printed straight onto the petri dish quickly and easily with our 2D barcode scanner.


Multi-timer 'Berta'

Had enough of separate timers? Use our multi-timer for your sample bags!