Food- & water laboratories

Do you want your lab to perform more efficiently with a consistent level of quality and high reproducibility?

Then you have come to the right place! Take a quick look at what we can do for your lab.

Benefits of our systems:

  • Significant increase in sample throughput possible with the same number of FTE's.
  • Consistent high quality plates achieved by automatic agar pouring, plate mixing and cooling.
  • Cost savings on agar usage with fixed dosage (adjustable for all media channels) and reduced wastage.
  • Cost of failures reduced
  • Allows staff to focus on the more critical areas of work by reducing the repetitive tasks.

Colony Counter “IRIS”

Iris is a newly developed automatic colony counter that uses artificial intelligence (deep neural network technology) to quickly count colonies grown in Petri dishes of different sizes.

The rennet tester

For rotating tubes containing, for example, milk. The rennet tester consists of a unit with 8 rollers driven by an electric motor.


We developed the Kitty plate inoculating robot, which lets one person fill more than 360 Petri dishes per hour. This high quality machine delivers considerable cost savings.


If you want to improve the spread plating procedure, this is the machine you need.

Pipette- and dilutestation 'Amanda'

Diluting and pipetting with one device? It is possible with our pipette- and dilutestation ‘Amanda’.


Our pipette station ‘Nicky’ is a very accurate instrument for the use in every laboratory

Automated tube-filler

Our new tube filler fills up to 2 racks of tubes in 1 “run” in about 60 seconds, and with an accuracy within 2%

Fully automated colony counter 'Irina'

We have the solution - a walk away system that counts quickly and processes colonies grown in petri dishes. At least 540 petri dishes in around 90 minutes.

Automated modular inoculating machine

The modular inoculation machine is a system capable of processing pour plates and spread plates. The modular inoculation system can be designed to suit specific needs and also be expanded in the future

'Berta' sample multitimer

With the aid of the multitimer you can determine, simply and error-free, the resting period of a first dilution, thus eliminating the need for separate timers in your laboratory.

Automated Petri dish filler

This unit is designed to work ‘stand alone’ with no LIMS connection and will not read any barcode.