Peter Krul

Entrepreneurship is in Peter Krul's blood. He is now the third generation in his family to have their own metalworking company. He started his first company in 1990 under the name PK Machinebouw. The purchase of it was not realized and so there was a move to Veenderveld 47-J in Roelofarendsveen, where there is now an impressive machine park.

PK Machinebouw has customers from various sectors such as yacht building, packaging industry, agriculture, nurseries and laboratories. Having developed a new version of a previously developed plating machine for a local laboratory, it turned out to be in high demand from the professional field. It soon became apparent that the time had come for a serious step forward and Peter Krul started the second company, AAA Lab Equipment. This company focuses entirely on laboratory equipment and has customers at home and abroad. laboratorium apparatuur en heeft inmiddels klanten in binnen- en buitenland.

Peter Krul


Several innovations have now been credited to Peter Krul and his team, such as the automatic plating machine "Kitty", the automatic spreader plate machine "Rosie", the automatic colony counter "Irina" and the dilution and pipetting station "Amanda". All machines are developed in consultation with professionals from various laboratories. The machines are designed to meet all customer requirements and contribute to significant cost and time savings in the laboratories. , de automatische spreidplaatmachine ‘Rosie’, de

Our strength

Peter Krul: "Converting a problem from question to a solution together with the customer is fantastic. We now have more than 20 years of experience in the laboratory world and as AAA Lab Equipment we are specialized in the development of high-quality laboratory equipment. Our strength lies in the fact that we do all phases of the process, from an idea to build the machines, in-house. We do not compromise on quality and we want our customers to be able to work without using our laboratory equipment. " .’